Our Solutions

Solving the last meter of connection to any machine.


At Memex Inc., we understand how to make manufacturing operations more efficient.  The Memex manufacturing connectivity solutions often improve efficiency in the 10 to 50% range, a game changer to make companies more competitive, lower costs and win business.

Memex believes we can transform the manufacturing world, with certainty and safely, by capturing information directly from the machines, giving visibility and transparency to the whole process.

Companies need to be able to automatically retrieve real-time critical information that relates to their plant assets, machines, work cells or inventory.  This is why we have created a solution that enables you to physically connect the machines on your shop floor to your network, a paperless manufacturing environment, utilizing electronic travelers that enable you to monitor and control your machines in real-time.

The solution MERLINManufacturing Execution Real-time Lean Information Network – is a Manufacturing Operations Management System for the communication and execution of production of work orders from the shop floor to the top floor.  By implementing the MERLIN solution in your plant, you can increase shop floor productivity up to 50%.  How?  The Memex products are designed to enhance productivity and reduce operating costs, enabling you to make a profit off the machines that are currently on your shop floor.